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MEI am perpetual student as well as an educator on this Wheel of Incarnation and a diverse creatrix. At age 53, crossing the threshold of my crone years, I look forward to producing many more great works in the spirit of “The Great Work” !

Hailing from primarily a background in Mystery Schools and Traditions, particularly in: Hermeticism, Rosicrucianism, Kemeticism, Thelema, Wicca and Traditional Witchcraft. My spiritual experiences and gnosis gleaned of my spiritual efforts have found their way into my writing, particularly poetry and articles on occult subjects. My focus is primarily on the magickal, mystical and devotional. I tend to invoke vivid imagery and lyrical stanzas to fully engage the empathy, emotions and imagination of readers.

Known by many names and mottos, I am deeply immersed with the desire to serve my community in multiple spiritual organizations. Alongside writing, my passions are my initiatory spiritual career helping others to help themselves, devotion to the Great Work and Divine Feminine. I work with and teach the following:  Ritual Magick, Astrology, Tarot, Esoteric Qabbalah, Alchemy, Numerology, Nature Magick, and anything involving Ancient Egyptian (Kemetic) mythos . Much of my own personal Craft practices however remain secret under the veil. I am  very devoted to my family. My immediate family is comprised of my wonderful husband & spiritual partner of 18 years, a beautiful and talented 24 year old daughter as well as a furry feline companion named Luna.

Being so involved in spiritual pursuits as the focal point of my life, I also love and care deeply for my spiritual families across multiple organizations and continents. I may have been born an only child with no blood-related siblings, but as an adult I am lucky enough to have spiritual Brothers and Sisters across the globe. I also enjoy such hobbies as: genealogy, films, photography, anthropological studies, music, and communing with Nature. Looking forward to taking up electronic music composition is the latest appeal and I am very excited to get started on learning to express my soul through musical medium as well as take up singing again, something I did regularly much during her younger, choir performing years.

Friends and spiritual acquaintances have affectionately called me “deer whisperer”, “serpent charmer” and  “Dragon Queen”. In Celtic lore, dragons are symbolic of the fierce, untamed forces of Nature. It has taken many years of discipline in order to harness those energies, seen and unseen, for the better as it can be just as destructive as creative. My ancestral roots are steeped in traditions of which I tend to be silent in regards to any spiritual transmissions thereof. I delve very deep into my ophidian roots. Also, I honor my ancestors on a regular basis and my genealogy has been traced on both side of my family with multiple lines to many Royal Houses of Europe. In particular, those esteemed Royal Houses of England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, Germany Denmark and Sweden.

Spiritually, I work to serve as a dedicated  Co-Founder, an ordained Chief and Hierophant of a Golden Dawn Hermetic Mystery School of a small, local and semi-publicly represented, independent Order as well as a Hermetic Temple. My primary responsibilities are: teaching, ritual and supervision of the occult arts. I am also a High Priestess of the Mysteries of Isis, a Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn/ Rosicrucian order initiate of almost 17 years, and Teacher of the Hermetic Arts. I have also been a Gnostic, Novitiate Priestess for the Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica for the last 7 years.  On the Thelemic front, I have been an initiate of one the most rigorous Thelemic “teaching” occult schools in modern existence in the International College of Thelema, as well as presently, the Ordo Templi Orientis along side it’s religious body, the Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica. I have been serving in the Gnostic Mass now for 9 years, yet also looking for more opportunities to learn and serve as ordained clergy in other Traditions as well. I want to be more involved. More involved to help people when I can by administering sacraments, providing counsel and comfort in addition to being a “ritual technician”. Hopefully those opportunities will come with time.

Learning in the House of Netjer community since 2011 has enhanced my previously existing knowledge and life-long passion of Ancient Egyptian religion, culture as well as community experience. In fact, I  have developed a basic corpus of personal devotional rites over the course of the the last 18 years that I termed “The Isinian Mysteries” in the year 2004, to personally distinguish that of the “Isiac” formal term for known Ancient Egyptian “Rites of Isis”and the “Isian” which is a term used by the well-known organization, The Fellowship of Isis. My own praxis of belief is more akin to a twisted rope than a straight arrow and despite my dedication to my tutelary Deity, I have connections to other cultural forms of the Divine Feminine which work with in my more eclectic form of a blend of Traditional Witchcraft. I have the tendency to both work with what is both seen and unseen in my environment where I reside as well as that which corresponds to my ancestors.

It must be pointed out that being respectful of traditions in the various occult Orders and religious organizations are important to me as I am a woman of integrity. Therefore, I keep practices designated as such, duly separate out of respect despite intense creative expression with ritual.

There is a difference between using different structures to enhance one’s own personal paradigm and gnostic experience and that which crosses a line into mixing that which does not make sense to do so. Honoring that is no issue, and part of my responsibilities in my Temple and Order is to preserve Tradition and teach that specific Tradition. Other traditions which have indications that cross-pollination is not appreciated, are also honored in that request. However, outside out that, I have no problem admitting to experimentation and anything imparted via Gnosis is worked with extensively. Utilizing existing structures as a backdrop  with  which to place certain workable elements is part of the creative process. Some of the most potent rites I have developed are a result of that process and existing knowledge in multiple traditions.

I am also a solitary Traditional witch of sabbatic craft orientation who draws on personal ancestral influences from:  Ireland, Wales, Scotland, England, Germany, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, and France. I am also influenced by my Norse and Germanic roots as well as those Gaelic, Balkan, Nordic and Gaulish oriented ones.  Ancestor veneration and working with spirits of the land, genus loci, comprise a major part of my Craft practice. I am further inspired by the works of Andrew Chumbley and Robert Cochrane. A past life within this one has been also as a practicing Shakyamuni Buddhist of the Soka Gakkai International. This has provided the discipline of meditation and mantra which have aided in providing a more solid backdrop for the rest of my Work as it’s influence and practices extend into the Eastern, as well as Western schools. I am fascinated by Japanese culture and both Buddhism and Shinto religions as well as Tibetan Buddhism.

My very first spiritual teachers were my Romanian Grandmother and my very own Mother. Grandmother was deeply involved with the worship of the Divine Feminine and the powers of Nature, particularly the fae. She was a Magician in her own right and would often take my cousin and myself out on nature excursions and teach us magick. My own Mother was a one time member of a Rosicrucian Order, a spiritual counselor & liberal Christian Minister focused on healing. It was she who introduced me to Astrology at age 8 and encouraged talents in that area as well as the sacred Tarot just a few years following. I have over 40 years experience in Astrology and Tarot and have taught many classes on these subjects as well as practical use of Numerology in ritual praxis. I had taken the support my mother had given me and went even more deeply into the occult arts and started giving Astrological and Tarot readings to strangers by the age of 14. This website is also in part dedicated to my Mom who passed away;  July 21, 1939- March 10, 2016.  My Father also passed away last year; September 1934- April 2021.  I miss them both greatly, but as I see death is but a portal to other lives that can exist in different dimensionalities, and I belief in reincarnation as well as the concept of heaven. I have had two NDE’s ( near death experiences in my life whereby the first time I drowned in water as a very young child and the second was due to an overdose of alcohol as an adult. I have now been sober for almost 21 years and used to sponsor others in recovery after completing all 12 steps of A A. It was during this second near-death experience that In was called into service of the Divine and ever since then, my efforts have been focused on both spiritual discovery, practice and helping others. I truly found my calling and came to understand God. I believe that “God” is not male nor female, does not have a personality and tends not intercede in human affairs. I believe “God” or more aptly called “God Force” is all energy that is in all things in the Universe and that the Gods & Goddesses, Angels and Spirits are more apt to help out humans- that they are emanative and more personal than the abstract concept of God! In Ancient Egyptian religion all the Gods and Goddesses are part of “Netjer” the Ancient Egyptian word for “God” and the Ancient Egyptian Deities are all part of each other. It is a monolatrous faith. Some call it “soft polytheism”. My spiritual philosophy is an esoteric, emanative one, resonating with my Hermetic background. I honor Divinities from different pantheons also as pertaining to my ancestral roots too. Furthermore, I am not dualistic in belief, meaning both the “Light and the Dark” are but two sides of the same and exist to balance each other in harmony. I am a pagan, yes. But one who accepts all sorts of representations of the Divine Feminine and Masculine. And I am not one of those pagans who “hates” Christianity. In fact, some aspects of esoteric Christianity are quite beautiful! The Golden Dawn Tradition has quite a bit of esoteric Christianity in it as well as Ancient Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Hebrew and even some Chaldean. I don’t “hate” any religion, only how certain religions have been twisted for power and material gain by people in religious institutions. Part of my own personal utopia is the hope that we can all co-exist and stop demonizing each others’ faiths. The more steps we take to doing so, the more we may find that is similar, rather than different!

As for my career education, l hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in the Media Arts- TV & Film Production granted from Michigan State University 1992. The degree used to be called “Telecommunications”. I have worked for a variety of film and television companies, such as Paramount Pictures “Entertainment Tonight Show” Hollywood, California in the early 1990’s, Warner Bros., Carsey WChaerner L.L.C., Sony Pictures, WKAR Public Television in East Lansing, Michigan, as as student TV Director and Videographer. I have done many volunteer screenplay reads ( analysis and recommended edits) for such popular films as “The Cable Guy” and worked on several video editing projects both in the East Lansing, Michigan area and Los Angeles, California.

Having also served as a volunteer Clean Water Activist during my college years for a time and worked as a volunteer helping to tutor special needs children, have provided constructive outlets for the deep empathy for others I possess. Being an INFJ personality type, I tend to feel other’s emotions and changes in environment very intensely, which tends to provoke me into solitude quite often. I have thus found instant compatibility in the literary world. Taking advanced Writing courses prior to and in her college years helped to hone my writing skills. I had the remarkable experience of being able to refine my style under the critique of a famous American Poet. Diane Wakoski, heralding from University of California, Berkeley, is a University Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Michigan State University. I was gifted to have her as my Professor in poetry writing and analysis classes. I will never forget how important Diane was in my college writing years!  I have also had a few works published, served as an Editor-In-Chief of her High School Literary Arts magazine and was granted the prestigious “Gold Key Award” for excellence in Writing during my teenage years. Recently I have had two works published in the “Aset Journal” entitled “Year of Aset: Lady of Heka”. This publication is focused on devotional written pieces with the Great Goddess Aset (Isis) as it’s focus. This condensed anthology can be purchased here:

Year of Aset: Lady of Heka

To date, I  also hold various Business Technical certifications in addition to my B.A. degree and have now fully retired from my  professional day job career in the IT consulting and project management business for financial organizations due to on-going physical health problems. Currently, I currently reside at home in my native State of Michigan with my beloved husband, best friend, lover and partner in all spiritual endeavors of service as well as with my wonderful feline.

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