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This site is a “Magickal Child” of the mind and soul, born from the flames of inspiration. It is for those seeking Wisdom on the Path the of the Serpent. There are many meanings to what the Path of the Serpent is however let it first be said that the serpent is a symbol for TRANSFORMATION. Those brave souls who thrive on change in their lives to recognize their own completeness, their own True Selves, may find a haven here. My goal is to serve, educate and inspire.

This site is dedicated to sharing my written works born of deep insight, life experiences and Gnosis along a magickal Path that started when I was a very young girl. This was not a surprise to me as the magickal thread of realization and arcane talent tends to run in my maternal bloodline. Thus this blog is also dedicated to my own Mother, my first of two spiritual teachers of early life, recently passed away. She is so very missed, but her absence on this material plane of existence has only served to fuel my determination to put my writing out here. In order to fully embrace the purpose of this blog, I must diverge for a moment into my spiritual Path as the subjects here create an certain egregore throughout the blog that is flavored by experience.

My spiritual Path has picked up significant momentum in the past couple of decades ever since I became heavily involved in as an initiate in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn ritual magick and alchemical Tradition. I had been practicing before being involved in an Order, yet becoming an actual initiate and eventual adept has held ever deeper levels of meaning and involvement. This first occurred very shortly after a time I was called directly by an aspect of the Divine Feminine, my main Matron Goddess,”The Great Mistress of Magic, Aset, also known more widely as the Ancient Egyptian “Isis”, although I have felt the Divine Feminine calling to me overall since I was a child. To that effect, I have become very active in serving Humanity and community through spiritual, initiatory organizations & Temples for multiple traditions, including a Hermetic organization/Temple  of which I am a Co-Founder and one of its Administrative Chiefs.

I do choose at this time to remain a bit quiet regarding said organization as well as the practices of other occult organizations that I am an initiate of. I have taken oaths in good standing as a Magician which I care not to challenge. All I will mention at this time is that I have been an active initiate in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn Tradition for almost 12 years, a Rosicrucian Order in succession the RR et AC, as well as the Ordo Templi Orientis and the International College of Thelema. All of with which initiates work with the Qabbalistic Tree of Life model. I am also a practicing Traditonal Witch of solitary persuasion and draw from folk-magic customs of my ancestry. More on that later.

Some may say this all this is quite a bit to handle all at once but I live my life everyday aspiring in what is called the “Great Work”. My spirituality is core to my very being. It is not some hobby. Everything else revolves around it, including my “day job”. My daily life is not separated from this Work and I am very grounded. I certainly do not expect to leave my house maintenance to faeries, do not do magick to win the lottery, nor sit in some state of mental masturbation while the world passes me by !  I take the Hermetic axiom “As above, so below” very seriously and all that it entails.

This Path is also not something pursued out of Ego satisfaction. On the contrary! I cannot even mention how many times my own Ego has gotten bashed in and trampled on since I started down this Path. I have even had much of what I used to take pride in, stripped away…. and in not-so-subtle ways. If one is to fully embrace the Path of the Serpent, then one can expect a quite a few trials along the way!

However, upholding a certain degree of secrecy does not mean being silent about other aspects of what I do if it means being of help to the public-at-large. My creative career as a Writer and inspirational Poet is one of those areas, along with serving as a Priestess, privately, for a select group, and soon-to-be-publically for the Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica. But always, I am in the service to the Divine Feminine as one of her many earthly vessels who have answered her call!

You may have a few questions already regarding the title of this blog “Vox Serpentium”and “Voice of Gnosis on the Path of the Serpent”. I will explain here:

“Vox Serpentium” is a name derived in two parts:

Firstly, the word “Vox” literally means “Voice” in Latin. It pertains to my role in this lifetime to assist others via written and spoken word. It refers to both specific and nonspecific spiritual gifts I possess which allude to still other names I am called across different organizations and my functions thereof. There are also more recondite meanings to this as well that I leave to the imagination. On a less personal scale, “Vox” pertains to messages from both the Divine and the Chthonic equally as one is part of the other. It also represents ALL of our voices on a collective level of consciousness held manifest in the world.

On the second word, “Serpentium”: Serpentium is a personal, stylized version of the Latin word for serpent which is “Serpentis” or “Serpens”. Esoterically, there are many correspondences of the serpent across many cultural, spiritual traditions of which deserves a post in its own right, so I defer on providing extremely comprehensive information to such time I complete the posting. I have been working diligently on a theoretical paper for sometime now on this very subject, for eventual publication.

The serpent also is a personal totem animal of mine and initiates of Gnostic Mystery Schools have traditionally been called “Serpents”. In Alchemy, the serpent represents overall, Transformation. What I do spiritually is primarily in the area of Transformational Magick and Alchemy and it is through these sacred arts that I have led a life worthy of such a symbol. One of many extremes and re-births. I can say with all honesty that I have thus far lead many lives in one lifetime. Personal re-invention from the inside-out has been ongoing throughout my 46 years. Such is both the blessing, and the curse, to be ruled by the planet Pluto on one’s Astrological Ascendant!  I am no stranger to complete overhauls in every aspect of life through extreme circumstances, including life-threatening situations, natural disasters and journeys into the deepest Void of perception, forced to contend with an Adversarial current. The symbol of the serpent also symbolizes this. Yet adversarial situations, or those that seem to be so can be the greatest teachers. We become stripped of all the trappings, much as the Mesopotamian Goddess Inanna descended into the underworld, leaving parts of her raiment and jewels behind, until She came face to face with her harsh, chthonic sister, Ereshkigal, Queen of the underworld…In situations such as this mythos describes, we have no choice but to surrender to the process in order that we may be transformed into someone better.

Serpents are also animals associated with the Divine Feminine across many ancient civilizations and significant to my Matron Kemetic Goddess, Aset- Serqet. In an occult sense, a serpent represents the Generative Life force, or Kundalini. The dragon, also represents this force and is a symbol I also identify with in a very powerful way. It corresponds to an intense ancestral current and my Craft- more on that later.

Gnosis on the “Path of the Serpent”… So what does it mean to be on the Path of the Serpent? Many things, but the aspects I am referring to are both the Path traveled by an initiate of the Western Mysteries up through the Qabbalistic Tree of Life, which is composed of 10 Sephiroth, or spheres, ruled by the planets, and 32 Paths that connect them. I will expand on this later as the subject is vast and deserves its own post altogether. The “Path of the Serpent” also refers to treading the Path of Knowledge and Transformation. It is a difficult Path, requiring discipline, patience and being dedicated to the sculpting of one’s very Soul. As initiates we may encounter the deepest parts of our subconscious and bring it to light in order to perfect our very natures. Instead of praying for salvation in the world, we take full responsibility for that salvation of ourselves. Indeed, it is a Path less travelled….Gnosis from working on this path is that knowledge  of the Mysteries which is gleaned from doing the Work of the Soul. It is not for the faint of heart nor the weak minded.

The serpent represents, above all , Transformation and that means change !

Change fueled by  bringing the unseen energies into light is something that during our current epoch of  unpredictable changes and material concerns that we cannot get enough of!  The more of us that share our experiences through our gifts that speak directly from the soul, such as with our art or the written word, the better we can facilitate positive change. Change is as the ripples in a body of water. The ripples are exponential and expansive. They fan out and become larger and more pronounced until by the time they reach the shore, a significant impact is made. The ripple has become something far more than when it was created…

With this approach, my work should become more than what it was during its inception. This is my mission of manifestation just as much as I resonate and apply the Hermetic saying “To become more than human”.We all can strive to be more than we are through efforts in the Great Work. We are ALL catalysts for change in the Great Work of the Soul!

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