“Light and Darkness, life and death, right and left, are brothers of one another. They are inseparable. Because of this neither are the good good, nor evil evil, nor is life life, nor death death. For this reason, each one will dissolve into its earliest origin. But those who are exalted above the world are … Continue reading A COMPREHENSIVE VIEW REGARDING THE RIGHT-HAND AND LEFT-HAND PATHS

Autumn Equinox & Mabon 2016 AstroAnalysis

ALCHEMICAL TENSIONS AND CONFLICT… EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED MUTABLE GRAND CROSS This is a somewhat “weakened” Mutable Grand Cross, with a mixture of Planetary dignitaries and Fixed Stars taken on a 5-degree orb with the Moon in a departing position at 19 degrees Gemini. Our North Node is posited at 11 degrees Virgo 10st House conjunct … Continue reading Autumn Equinox & Mabon 2016 AstroAnalysis


The Priestess traverses Lurid passages of seduction, Inclusion, convocation, Of her holy Daemon Riddled with keys to portals, Of the mind yet untouched Adeptly navigated and known, Else she treads wrongly and be thus drowned… Startled in bliss by forceful currents is she, An Unfathomed influx of consummation, Leaves the Holy Whore in aching throes … Continue reading CONVOCATION EROTICA

Alchemical Transmutation & Integration of the Shadow Self on the Hermetic Path

Alchemical Processing of our own Souls involve deeply journeying into our own Inner Realms of Being. This is to identify what needs to be balanced, what needs to be burned off as the dross and what needs to be polished to perfection....just as a rough stone of alabaster may become a polished diamond! There are … Continue reading Alchemical Transmutation & Integration of the Shadow Self on the Hermetic Path

Taking Responsibility for our Own Egos

If we cannot take responsibility for their part in an argument by apologizing to the other, then we are deeply steeping in Ego. To apologize with sincerity means to release the Ego and acknowledge the wrongdoing. It matters not whether it is intentional or accidental. It takes fortitude to do so. It also creates an … Continue reading Taking Responsibility for our Own Egos


  Sacrosanct in a spirit-laden world, Riddled with shame, being cleft in twain. Most terrible, most magnificent! Beyond all light and shadow, Arise ! Abysmal Creatrix and Denizen of the Netherworld, Come forth from your slumber in the Ephemeral chambers of Chaos, Before First Born Ones, Arise ! Holy Dragon caressing her Children, the Stars … Continue reading Tiamat