The Initiatory Experience


Ininitiatory experience article

For some of us who are awakened, the further along on out Paths we tread, the more difficult and/or subtle the challenges we face in our lives.This is not unusual and we should remain indomitable in regards to what we thus face.

These challenges may be considered initiations by our Guardian Spirits, Deities, Holy Guardian Angels, Daemons, Devas and/or by “Counter-Initiatic” Forces. Ones that put deliberate trials in the way of the Initiate. These may manifest as particularly harrowing and even life threatening. They tend to strip us to our very core, leaving us no choice but to react and work through inner & outer processes of assimilation and even survival. We have the choice of being able to be also thereby stripped of the unnecessary parts of our Egos or else drown in them leading to bitterness and denial. If we do not face ourselves, we cannot put the positive parts of our Egos to work for us and in turn, may get swallowed up by our own Qlippoth. Rather than ride the “beast”, we are overcome by it.

In fact, in many shamanic traditions specific life-threatening and/or intense mental state encounters are considered necessary for a person to become a shaman. One cannot become a shaman and thus a healer and messenger of the spirits unless one has experienced and conquered the pain themselves.The person in question is “chosen” by the Gods/Forces this way to do the perilous work of being a messenger of the unseen, having been to the ” underworld/otherworld” and survived the journey.

These same Forces also present themselves during formal initiations facilitated by human representatives into varying levels or degrees for different spiritual Currents and Traditions. Western Ceremonial Magic Traditions and pagan-oriented religions conduct such initiations. These can be very potent and act much like an Alchemical hot-house, speeding up one’s spiritual development.

I must qualify however that these initiations in themselves, do not “make” one enlightened. If an initiate does not do the corresponding life-work, curricula, and are able to observe even the most subtle of changes in daily life, thereby constantly taking inventory and improving, the initiations by themselves will end up holding little value. Some initiations may effect the initiate more than others, depending on what lessons are to be learned.

Initiates herald from all different backgrounds, maturity levels and prior experiences, even being initiates in multiple traditions. So, it is a good idea for us to be kind and welcoming to those that are new to a particular initiatory school and not look down one’s nose at them! One groups’ Beginner may well be another’s Adept. You never know where they may have come from and what gifts they can bring to benefit not only themselves, but other Brethren on the Path as well. I speak from personal experience having been on both sides of this equation. It has fostered a great deal of personal humility and Hermetic love for all those on the Path.

Influences of Initiatory Forces become easier to recognize as we progress,yet at the same time, the parts of ourselves needing examination and Transformation become all the more subtle. Both “personal life” and “specific tradition” types of initiation are valid. Often initiates will recognize how both work in tandem and be drawn to Brothers and Sisters working in the same Initiatic Currents. Distance means nothing in this case as the currents do not have spatial limitations. We work in both the realms of the seen and the unseen as surely as the Macrocosm and Microcosm work together also. Much Love !

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