Tiamat for blog

Sacrosanct in a spirit-laden world,

Riddled with shame, being cleft in twain.

Most terrible, most magnificent!

Beyond all light and shadow,

Arise ! Abysmal Creatrix and Denizen of the Netherworld,

Come forth from your slumber in the Ephemeral chambers of Chaos,

Before First Born Ones, Arise !

Holy Dragon caressing her Children, the Stars

Her tail a resplendent diadem of comets,

Gleaming into the blush pulsating of dying worlds,

Maelstrom whorls continuous flashes of yore,

Entrance and entrench the weary and the weak,

But the for the stalwart ones open and filled with Power and Love,

She bestows Knowledge of the Endless lost records of Time itself!

For Strength is Her crook and Power, Her flail,

The Eternal One,

Serpentine  haz’ed  eyes with the storms of  turbulent seas

Moist Lashes formed of starry dust,

Dripping with Her effervescent tears in longing ,

Oh, Mourner of Apsu !

Grand Celestial Creatrix !

Birthing Mother to the Universe!

I am torn as you, my limbs shorn from my body

Fallen away unto the liminal dust of the Cosmos,

One by one, piece by piece I am being rended in sacrifice,

Unto that which is Nameless and Formless..

Copyright © 2016 Leigh-Ann Rose Grace. All Rights Reserved

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