Annihilation in the Temple of Delight

  Shrill resounding slaps, Against luscious gaps of weeping flesh, You grasp firmly in your bold teeth, Gasping, lurid and desirous for more, Limpid in a fury of rosy petals stained, I draw in your heady scent of myrrh Mingled with salty droplets gained, From Your effort… Oh my Priest of the Sun ! We … Continue reading Annihilation in the Temple of Delight


  Sacrosanct in a spirit-laden world, Riddled with shame, being cleft in twain. Most terrible, most magnificent! Beyond all light and shadow, Arise ! Abysmal Creatrix and Denizen of the Netherworld, Come forth from your slumber in the Ephemeral chambers of Chaos, Before First Born Ones, Arise ! Holy Dragon caressing her Children, the Stars … Continue reading Tiamat