Annihilation in the Temple of Delight


scarlet-priestessShrill resounding slaps,
Against luscious gaps of weeping flesh,
You grasp firmly in your bold teeth,
Gasping, lurid and desirous for more,
Limpid in a fury of rosy petals stained,
I draw in your heady scent of myrrh
Mingled with salty droplets gained,
From Your effort…
Oh my Priest of the Sun !
We transform beyond light and shadow,
Oh Chonoubis, Abraxas, Tammuz, Nergal , Lugh, Shiva!
Oh, Zalmoxis, V’Lane, Set, Hades, Horus, Osiris!
Oh Great God of the Heavens and the Hells,
How can we co-exist in these seeping wells of flesh,
When they are too glorious and too fragile,
For these paroxysms of pleasure?
I have blessed your sword, my Lord
I have placed the crown on your head, my King,
You have destroyed your Queen in turn,
Just as it has to begin again,
The eternal cycle stays its course,
A living vessel awaiting to be filled,
I am shattered…
You have broken me with your forceful key!
My body is wracked, in the throes of immortality!
Oh,that burgeoning ache to be free !
My spirit still caged in this liminal form,
Agony bittersweet as moon-kissed pomegranate wine,
Pours across my face to adorn,
A grimace of pure ecstasy,
In the pain of Annihilation, Transformation, being re-born!
Heated limbs grasping for substance,
Wings from my scourged back flourish beneath your chest,
Hands and fingers of grace emit vicious claws,
Seeking, jabbing, raking !
Curling noble points pierce through my skull,
This is my crown to bear, I the Queen arisen from the Void sea !
Oh, My Lord and King,
You make me, your Pythoness!
I bless you in turn,
Lavishly under the stars,
In a clarion song of the ancient Forgotten Ones
Within my temple of rapture,
I make you a King among kings in the Universe,
Your sword plunges deep within the Graal,
Whirling in a centrifuge, the Serpent’s gift!
With every thrust,sexual-alchemy3
I savor zealous bolts of power
Coursing from your body into mine,
Which I draw heady draughts within my cavern of delights,
Sending out the blood from the river of Eden,
Feeding you starry ambrosia,
I cannot see you now in the blaze of the crucible,
Which consumes us,
Only whorls of darkness enveloping us in a chaotic embrace,
Beyond the holiest of consecrating flames !
Atavistic howls, resounding shrieks,
Pierce the walls of my throat,
Utterances terrifying in a long forgotten language of the Gods !
All of you is now within me,
I have swallowed you whole,
Just as you have taken me, possessed me,
One who can never be possessed,
I your Holy Whore,
Our wholeness is my salvation,
So that my being be finally released into the ethers,
Then we shall dance among the stars, and drown in the waters of Creation
All are One, and One is All,
Never to return…
Copyright © 2015 SororVox888. All Rights Reserved.
Artwork     Image 1. Artist unknown
                     Image  2. Lourdes Laveau

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