An Original Lamentations Night Invocatory Hymn for Osiris

Dua Wesir ! Lord Osiris, King of the Duat,

Blessed Lord of the Akhu, King of the Dead!

Oh, Beautiful One,

Darkened One,

Dripping with fragrant myrrh,

Luminous King of the Night!

He Who Is Preserved in Fine Condition and Foremost of Westerners!

Oh, Luminous Sun at Night in the Obsidian sky!

Master Alchemist who oversees the Transformations of Souls!

Pass fairness unto the Universe with your Judgment, tempered by Love!

Oh, Khenti-Amenti! You who are mourned by the two Divine Sisters,

Come unto me!

Beautiful Youth who drives away heat from the houses of Aset and Nebthet,

May you cool me,

As I also I cool you!

Oh, You who are so loved and honored on this, Your Auspicious Day into the realm of the Night !

May your Love within me, reflected from within you,

May my secret longing of which you so inspire,
Grant me courage to face my Inner Darkness with calm repose,
For the backbone of the Night is You,
My Pillar of Stability!

Placid pools of dark glimmerings, the Sun behind the Sun, are your fathomless eyes,

Those which gaze through resin and stone, to pierce my heart as I offer bread and wine unto you!
Reinforce my will of stillness to see beyond all doubt, anger and sorrow as you sit enthroned in the Halls of Death just as in Life!

For Love does not perish…

All Hails! Oh, Lord of Life and Lord of Death!

“Hem(et) Netjer per ankh per djed!

“Dua Wesir, Dua Wesir, Dua Wesir!”

( Last two lines translated from Kemetic “I am the servant of the God in life and death/always!” Honor to Ositis, honor to Osiris, honor to Osiris!)isis-and-osiris-susan-seddon-boulet

~ TjezAset – “Sat Aset Serqet, meryt Wesir her Sekhmet Hethert”

Copyright © 2015 TjezAset Rose aka sororvox888. All Rights Reserved.

Artwork ~ “Isis and Osiris” by Susan Seddon Boulet

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