Aset: Illustrious, Sovereign Queen of Heaven & Earth

  Oh, Mother Aset! Sovereign Queen of Heaven and of the Four corners of Earth ! Lady of Philae, Lady of Biggeh and Lady of Abaton, and gracious Lady of Punt, Hear the cries of jubilation from your Children !   Vigilant Mother of Heru, and Wife of the Justified One, Osiris Onophoris , King … Continue reading Aset: Illustrious, Sovereign Queen of Heaven & Earth

Call to Augoeides

  “Augoeides!” Augoeides! Augoeides!” I call unto thee, Uttering not your name aloud, Treasure sub rosa to the blind, Deaf of your Mysteries, Secret and sublime, There is an unspoken deed Which binds us together…   Inflated rapture endures within my breast, The core of my heart, Weighed against Ma’at’s feather, As hastening beats of … Continue reading Call to Augoeides

An Original Lamentations Night Invocatory Hymn for Osiris

Dua Wesir ! Lord Osiris, King of the Duat, Blessed Lord of the Akhu, King of the Dead! Oh, Beautiful One, Darkened One, Dripping with fragrant myrrh, Luminous King of the Night! He Who Is Preserved in Fine Condition and Foremost of Westerners! Oh, Luminous Sun at Night in the Obsidian sky! Master Alchemist who … Continue reading An Original Lamentations Night Invocatory Hymn for Osiris

Annihilation in the Temple of Delight

  Shrill resounding slaps, Against luscious gaps of weeping flesh, You grasp firmly in your bold teeth, Gasping, lurid and desirous for more, Limpid in a fury of rosy petals stained, I draw in your heady scent of myrrh Mingled with salty droplets gained, From Your effort… Oh my Priest of the Sun ! We … Continue reading Annihilation in the Temple of Delight


The Priestess traverses Lurid passages of seduction, Inclusion, convocation, Of her holy Daemon Riddled with keys to portals, Of the mind yet untouched Adeptly navigated and known, Else she treads wrongly and be thus drowned… Startled in bliss by forceful currents is she, An Unfathomed influx of consummation, Leaves the Holy Whore in aching throes … Continue reading CONVOCATION EROTICA


  Sacrosanct in a spirit-laden world, Riddled with shame, being cleft in twain. Most terrible, most magnificent! Beyond all light and shadow, Arise ! Abysmal Creatrix and Denizen of the Netherworld, Come forth from your slumber in the Ephemeral chambers of Chaos, Before First Born Ones, Arise ! Holy Dragon caressing her Children, the Stars … Continue reading Tiamat