Aset: Illustrious, Sovereign Queen of Heaven & Earth



Oh, Mother Aset!

Sovereign Queen of Heaven and of the Four corners of Earth !

Lady of Philae, Lady of Biggeh and Lady of Abaton, and gracious Lady of Punt,

Hear the cries of jubilation from your Children !


Vigilant Mother of Heru, and Wife of the Justified One,

Osiris Onophoris , King of the Duat

He Who cherishes You in the Abodes of the Eternal Gods Nightly

We honor you with Water, flame and perfume.

We honor you with Heka, body and spirit !


The sacred Lotus is in your hand, Oh Mother !

The scrolls of Your words are on stained papyri, Oh Mother !

May our Heka be offered unto You, Oh Mother,

May your Heka be unto us, Oh Mother !

Illustrious Queen of Heaven and of Earth !


Liminal serpent uraeus in the Netherworld,

Great Scorpion who guards the Sons of Horus,

And disperse great and far as the seven,

Oh You Who Attends to the Sun on it’s course

And of the Moon and it’s tides !

You both defend and comfort upon the High seas,

The waves are the train of your cloak upon Earth,

And the shimmering stars, your essence bursting forth !

Great and Glorious Goddess who shines at Giza,

Who rises from the waters of Punt and of Philae,

You are the Second Sun which illuminates the Universe,

Great of Heka, you in your liminal agility,

Grant us your Shemsu, your adorers

Love, healing and heka powers,

To restore the balance of both seen and unseen !


Copyright © 2017 Soror Vox888. All rights reserved.

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