Macrocosmic Consciousness: The Dissolution of Duality

Cameron Gray Knowledge of the Planets

“We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”  ~ Joseph Campbell

Labels can be beneficial, or they can be very limiting. Within the esoteric community, we tend to rely on them. Thus, to identify and simply what otherwise would be too complex for most to understand. We all have to start somewhere, right?

After a while however, we may tire of the labels. We find them restrictive to our spiritual process. We are microcosmic beings, mirrors of the macrocosm. Given this, we have the opportunity to experience on a macrocosmic level, however fleeting those moments may be. It takes considerable work. At a certain juncture, we must let go of preconceived notions of belief, in order to experience our most spiritual selves to the fullest.

We each evolve in our own way and personal alchemical lessons can be very different for individuals but rewarding. This is especially true for those of us who have already shed the ideas of polarized belief, or else are processing our inner senses of restriction. We are abandoning dualism as a restrictive element, seeing opposites as different sides of the same coin, bound by the very same spiritual fabric as ourselves. Whether we understand this or not, is important.

Instead of remaining in microcosmic consciousness, we are becoming more aligned to more of a macrocosmic mode of consciousness and an acceptance of working in harmony with the Cosmos rather than against it. Not that there are not times we need to use our own personal power of Will to accomplish what we need to. It is just that at a certain juncture, the need to control every single circumstance in our lives is dissipated, leaving a sense of peace and love. Letting go is part of the process.

We recognize that all we need to do is focus and then release rather than hold onto ideas so tightly that we stifle the ability to manifest them in the first place. Our eyes turn to only what we can physically see, unless we have the ability to look beyond the visceral to what lies beyond the veil between our physical three-dimensional perceptions and beyond!

To understand a bit more about macrocosmic consciousness, we should first know where we are at in microcosmic consciousness and understand that we, all of us, are multi-dimensional beings with access to knowledge beyond our wildest dreams. If we are prepared to listen to our spirit guardians, the gods/god and our Divine Self, we are prepared to take accountability for our own life and salvation. This is in opposition of what many of us have been taught in mainstream conservatism, dogma. Many of us are taught that we are “sinners” and need to repent in a church. And, that someone else, some semi-divine or divine being is responsible our salvation. This may be a fine set of rules for some, but it suggests opposition of the goal of Enlightenment. One cannot be enlightened just by relying on someone else to do our soul work for us! Therefore, we take responsibility for all living actions that we initiate by ourselves.

In concept, the macrocosmic consciousness is not that which is “high up”. Instead it is a way of perceiving that which is beyond normal range of consciousness. For the magician or alchemist, this is a goal in the Great Work. Initially, we work on ourselves in a microcosmic manner until such an awakening has occurred that the boundaries we once thought separated us from the Divine, as well as the chthonic, no longer exist. We start to see things from a completely different perspective, which may be counter to the psychological import from our distant youth. This may be easier for some than others. Most will never experience even a glimpse, as it requires working in uncharted spiritual territory and being free from delusion, simultaneously.

For some, it may be a gentle unfolding over time, and still for others, it may be more like suddenly being shipped off to into a foreign land, having all possessions and identification stripped of you and forced to make a go of it. Of course, without even understanding the local language. We feel alone when all of our security blankets have been destroyed. We feel naked, vulnerable. We can get very uncomfortable and ecstatic both when first accepting macrocosmic consciousness. The feelings one experiences may shock the inexperienced as they go far beyond our normal range of emotions and perceptions. Seeing things for the first time energetically and a knowing how the spiritual “matrix” works, can be overwhelming, It is easy to either feel very unsettled, or get so attracted to this powerful knowledge and experience that is becomes a feast for the spiritual addict. This is why we tread so carefully. Being “open” too much can be harmful. Which is why due preparation of years is needed. One would not go into a foreign country if we don’t know any facts about it and what could potentially happen while we are there, right? We need to educate ourselves.

Experiences themselves force us to acknowledge that as powerful beings we are, we are not alone. We can perceive something so vast, so indescribable, that to be able to be invited to the palaces of the Gods is more than just on our own efforts. It can feel more akin to an invitation, once we have accomplished certain tasks to quell our human egotistic inclinations. Our Egos tend to block incoming spiritual information; therefore, magicians and alchemists tend to enter into spiritual teaching systems designed to gently introduce one to the Cosmic Forces in a safe and systematic manner. These expedite one’s efforts. Not to say a solo practitioner can’t experience this, just that it takes much longer and there is no one to help evaluate progress.

Do we have a choice whether we take a softer, gentler way to understanding of more than our world or dimension? Or a path that is harsh and fraught with difficulties along the way? Maybe. But perhaps not. We all have free will to pursue our True Will. The process varies between individuals, yet the outcomes may seem similar. Our Work can only really be judged by our results, with a wide range of exceptions since experiences are varied between individuals.

We are not cursed individuals, but those who choose to walk a more disciplined path designed to expand our conscious perceptions and fine tune them. Some call this “walking with the gods and goddesses” or “walking with God”. Essentially, these both mean the same thing. Understanding of one’s own divinity is essential in order to be on a level of communication with God. And ‘God” can be defined by many things and takes different forms. It matters not that a god or goddess is more like a “spirit” or something even more omnipotent. Acknowledging a Higher Power of some type is just as important as doing so with our own divine constitution. If these two things not be accomplished, then rudimentary belief and practice do not serve to elevate, but rather confuse instead. Some may argue this point, but I have yet to hear anyone share experiences on a macrocosmic level that did not at least in some way, acknowledge a Higher Power. We are dealing with the very forces of Creation and Destruction on a non-dualistic way. One has to have their feet seriously planted on the ground first in order to ascend, or descend, depending on one’s philosophy. I am sure most would agree with this.

Trying to figure all this out at once makes as much sense as pre-determining one’s Crossing of the Void. One cannot readily do this without preparation and everyone’s advanced program is tweaked by the Cosmic Forces, accepted in readiness by us. Still, we may make our oaths, but that does not mean the Cosmic and Karmic Forces will listen. I am of the belief that when one’s Soul Nature is ready, that is when it will happen, not a moment before no matter how much inner alchemy, magickal invocation and meditation one does.

The awareness level of macrocosmic consciousness can start beforehand. We may experience times whereby we feel the Anima Mundi and the reflections of millions of points of light that are the souls of the Universe. In thus, we become co-creators with God. We become something much more than human in the impenetrable Light of Spirit!

~Copyright © 2018. Soror Vox888. All rights reserved.


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