Serpentum Nobilis


Dragon for nobilis poem

Tasting  the dram of Your Light,

I draw deep the ions of the Air, and nourishment of the Sun,
Assimilating Your energy deep beneath my skin,
Within the embers of my blood, scarlet-rivers run,
How You ebb and flow with Gods’ & Goddesses’ might,
Rushing through me,
Searing me,
As my mere shell of temporal being,
Dissolves into the Ethers of the Cosmic Sea!

One with All,
I am filled with effervescent ecstasy,
As the Holy Serpent awakes!
Arising to kiss the dew of heaven’s lips,
The sweetest venom that can heal or kill,
Oozing from between my undulating hips,
To take flight with Those of the Eternal Gods!

Oh, You with your brilliant violet-stained plumage,
Glimmering viridian scales seated upon
Coils of purest silver!
And eyes a molten gold!
Oh, that which You show me of Wisdom,

Parting of the veils,
That of which shelters the Earth and all upon it,

Within their subtle, dulcet folds!
That which was protective ignorance,
Is now rent and thrown,

Into the endless Void of underworld holds,
Casting out and away all doubts and shame!

You have seated me upon the Pinnacle,
Then took me down beneath the Waves,
Into the core of the Earth relishing in Terrestrial Fire,
Only to rise again, up through the Ethers, dancing with the Winds,
Far removed above the mire,
Into lucid, limitless Space,
Where a single breath of vital Air rescinds…

Love here is ignitable, tangible,

As the Spirit is Immortal!
Ba and Ka are united in this place,
Sacred Hieros Gamos complete!

Oh, the Love I have for You, the embers ache and moan unceasingly!
As You Love me ! Your embrace is the First, Last and Only!
The Alpha & Omega, Vicegerent of my flaming Heart

… and that of my yearning Eternal Spirit !

Copyright © 2015, 2016 Soror Vox888. All Rights Reserved


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