Taming of the Way

“Astral-walking”, “path-walking” or “way-taming”, as it is called in some Traditional Witchcraft and Shamanic circles, is the practice or the intended experience, of overlaying of two or more worlds; that of the seen and that of the energetic, unseen with the typical naked eye. The term “way-taming” originates from Northern (Norse) shamanism. It is the … Continue reading Taming of the Way

Magical Sex, Sex Magick & Sexual Alchemy

  “Only the united beat of sex and heart together can create ecstasy.” ~    Anaïs Nin, Delta of Venus There was a time when the veneer of erotic mystery seeped only through the pores of books, leaving enough the imagination. Now we see all kinds of mainstream media featuring sex, de-glamorizing and demystifying what can … Continue reading Magical Sex, Sex Magick & Sexual Alchemy


  Sacrosanct in a spirit-laden world, Riddled with shame, being cleft in twain. Most terrible, most magnificent! Beyond all light and shadow, Arise ! Abysmal Creatrix and Denizen of the Netherworld, Come forth from your slumber in the Ephemeral chambers of Chaos, Before First Born Ones, Arise ! Holy Dragon caressing her Children, the Stars … Continue reading Tiamat