Abysmal Harbinger


Wanton and drunk with Force,

Summoned unto the Aethyrs was I,

As destiny took it’s uncharted course,

Stave of Judgement in hand,

A challenge for the legions of Death was nigh.

Shuddering in wonder at the impervious sight,

Of the Great and Terrible Lord of Karma,

Silent and still,

Whilst harpy screams assailed keen ears,

Echoing in the misty air-scape,

Whereby there were none else but us… and the torrents of the Storm

Raging by the energies of Flux and reflux,

In one, singular point of time,

When all time had stopped,

And I suspended as dew upon your breath,

You were leering at the Earth below,

None could perceive Her Rapturous Beauty nor Severe Form,

Through the ovoid maw agape,

Was your Creation out of Destruction being born!

A Chaos of silvery jets and screams of entrapped souls….


You, are the Intercessor,

You, are the Render of Souls,

Master of Severity,

You, the Harbinger of my own Death of Spirit,
Outworn and burning away,

Greatest Archon of Deliverance

Unto the Darkness of the Void,

From your spine formed….

The Vortex of Necessary Destruction,

Stirring the Cauldron of our Great Dark Mother Babylon !


I shall never forget the day.

Your lightening swift and sure,

Seared through me,

Flaying wildly unbound by

Shattering the impure,

Was thus fed the flames of the Dragon,

And cauterized to my core!

Back through the ethers, I was cast

Hurled back unto Earth,

Rent apart so that my body rejected me at last!
Vitriol consumed me !

The shimmering waves of comfort I sought,

Eluded me at every turn,

For I was sent to burn,

For I was sent to drown.


Mighty Chorozon ! Keeper of the Gates of the Infinite Wisdom,

You and your vassals have indeed destroyed me,

To only be begotten at the foot of Her glorious throne,

In the Resplendent Darkness of Babylon,

Oh Dark Mother, Holy Mother !

Union complete, I see with the eyes of thousands and yet none,

I am Nothing and I fight Nothingness,

Reminded daily of my Death with such,

I die not for you, but for the sake of Union once again !


Copyright 2016 SororVox888. All rights reserved.

Photo Credit ~ Modern Met

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