Taking Responsibility for our Own Egos


If we cannot take responsibility for their part in an argument by apologizing to the other, then we are deeply steeping in Ego. To apologize with sincerity means to release the Ego and acknowledge the wrongdoing. It matters not whether it is intentional or accidental. It takes fortitude to do so. It also creates an environment for the other person that is safe to finally express their points of view without feeling they are being attacked anymore.

However, no one enjoys baring their Ego in that way…Why? because is feels odd at first before it feels better. Taking that initial step is always the most difficult. We can get wrapped up so very tightly in or own heads that we are not seeing the viewpoint of another. We are always right? Are we not? No, we are not. We are ALL learning!

If one professes to be some Master or Magistrix that is beyond all this, then they are definitely not a Master or Magistrix!

It is also a very natural response to get angry when being attacked. The words can be smooth as silk and still be an attack. The most effective insults are ones that are not profane, but those that are an arrow right into the heart of another’s Ego. Those arrows that seek out the softest part of the underbelly of Ego. It is not anyone’s right to attack another person in such a manner. It can be perceived as a type of dominion over another .

The other person will typically immediately respond to the opposition by defending their own Ego. If one lives by the axiom “Do what thou wilt”, that means letting another person pursue their own True Will without interference. The only time things cross over the line is when someone cognizantly infringes on another’s True Will. In that case, they have every right to defend their position. True Will does not mean just doing whatever one wants to however. It means being aligned with Divine purpose, what one is meant to do and pursuing that purpose with vigor!

It cannot even expressed how many times I have apologized for my part in an argument But, I apologize for ONLY my part, not for another’s’ part. We are only responsible for ourselves, our own Egos. It is not anyone else’s place to tell us what is wrong with our methods. All anyone can do is perhaps gently offer suggestions. The moment someone tries to become the Master or Magistrix OVER another human being, things can get ugly… and fast. Be a friend and walk beside, lend a hand if need be. But if you claim to be in charge of another, then that hand may well get bitten!

And yes, with Mars opposition Pluto in my chart, I can get real fumed up. Especially when dealing with people that have seriously bloated Egos. My first instinct when they kick up the heat in the chili with me, is to “take them down”, “push them off their pedestals”. It takes a great deal of restraint on my behalf to just let well enough alone. But when such a person displays the threat posture with me due to their own insecurity, I tend all to often respond in kind. This is something I am working on. Some folks are just being human and going through a cycle, not deserving perhaps the harshness that is so easy to dole out. Some habits are hard to break…

Being also of the so-called creative ” temperament”, I am always having to take objective temperature readings and sift through emotions to decide what is worth pursuing and what is not. That is my Aquarian Moon coming to the rescue…

I am not a neutral person. Not one bit. My life Path tends to be extreme and it is only now in my mid to late 40’s that I have become a little more moderate. I have been forced to, due to health issues. The past 4 years, I have had so many surgeries and what is bizarre is that each body part that had been operated on corresponds directly to a spiritual lesson. Think also of how the God Osiris’s body parts were spread all over the land of Kemet…It is no mistake that he is my Divine Father and esoterically has correspondence to Pluto as Lord of the Underworld.

My role is an intense one in life and I Transform the bad and the ugly. I am an Alchemical Catalyst as well as a Teacher and Manifestor. Therefore I deal with other’s Shadows quite a bit. I tend to bring them out in people. Not that I seek that, but I am conscious of the process. It took many years before I even understood it. That is also indicative in my Astrological make-up and not some assumption nor fantasy I have made about myself. More than one spiritual Teacher of mine has mentioned this to me. These are people I deeply respect and they have imparted some profound wisdom.

As a matter of fact, one of my spiritual Teachers who consulted my ancestors had told me I am a “Womb” and that I take things and people into myself, transform them and send them back out into the world, having given them also a piece of myself. The import of that message hit me on such a deep, Soul level, I shed many tears of catharsis immediately following it …Because it cannot be more True…

I cannot also express sometimes how emotionally difficult is was when a person would leave after taking that piece with them… But now that I understand the process it is not as painful. I release them with Love.

And I have gotten into conflictual situations with others in this same role, since we can readily bring out each other’s Shadows and play a nice game of wicked Karma tennis!

… These other individuals are a rarity though. I can only recall meeting others with this purpose counted on one hand, my entire 46 years in this meatsuit incarnation! In the end, the lessons learned are precious ones…Some of the toughest Alchemical lessons are learned when working with our  own “kind”. For the Dragon is not necessarily kind…Wise however. Very much so..

But we all make mistakes, even those of us that are adept on our respective Paths. We ALL need to be accountable for what we do and what we project onto other people as that is part of the process of Transformation of the constructs of our Shadow Selves, bringing them out of the Darkness, into the Light! We take responsibility then for our own Egos. Even those parts well hidden in the caverns of Being !

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