Autumn Equinox & Mabon 2016 AstroAnalysis

ALCHEMICAL TENSIONS AND CONFLICT… EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED MUTABLE GRAND CROSS This is a somewhat “weakened” Mutable Grand Cross, with a mixture of Planetary dignitaries and Fixed Stars taken on a 5-degree orb with the Moon in a departing position at 19 degrees Gemini. Our North Node is posited at 11 degrees Virgo 10st House conjunct … Continue reading Autumn Equinox & Mabon 2016 AstroAnalysis

Taking Responsibility for our Own Egos

If we cannot take responsibility for their part in an argument by apologizing to the other, then we are deeply steeping in Ego. To apologize with sincerity means to release the Ego and acknowledge the wrongdoing. It matters not whether it is intentional or accidental. It takes fortitude to do so. It also creates an … Continue reading Taking Responsibility for our Own Egos