Autumn Equinox & Mabon 2016 AstroAnalysis




This is a somewhat “weakened” Mutable Grand Cross, with a mixture of Planetary dignitaries and Fixed Stars taken on a 5-degree orb with the Moon in a departing position at 19 degrees Gemini. Our North Node is posited at 11 degrees Virgo 10st House conjunct Mercury at 14 degrees, Neptune in Pisces 10 degrees in the 4th House, Saturn at 11 degrees Sagittarius & Antares 10 degrees Sagittarius conjunction in the 2nd House, Aldebaran in Gemini 10 degrees in the 8th House.

The very nature of this Mutable Grand Cross suggests the Alchemical tension between what we are destined to undertake versus what we are currently responsible for as well as in relationships. Saturn and Antares together form a double malefic influence that encroaches on the dreams of Neptune. What is favorable here however is that there are no illusions as the Lord of Time, Saturn eschews these. With Antares by his side wielding the sword of the Heart of the Scorpion, there is no way anything can get out of hand. However, with the ruler of Virgo and Gemini, good ole’ Hermes (aka Mercury)  taking center stage as the ruling planet of this Fixed Cross that is in conjunction with the mission of the North node, the tension is eased a bit. However, it is good to remember that flighty Mercury is also currently in retrograde. Expect the unexpected…. Overall, this is a time of great Transition. Mutable Grand Crosses indicate this overall. On a personal level to see exactly WHAT is transitioning, we need to look to the planets that are closest to us, such as Mercury and Venus. Mercury ruling this Cross and Venus being in precarious aspect opposing Uranus and Eris, during the time of year whereby solar influences in Libra would favor relationships and partnerships of all kinds. This tends to be a conflicting time.


Saturn and Antares in the 2nd  House opposing Luna in the 8h House at 19 degrees.  This is not the best aspect for affairs of the heart nor being able to get answers right away regarding delving into one’s own psychology. However, what it is favorable for is the shattering of illusions that Luna, in it’s Yesodic world has plenty of. There is a bit of tug-o-war with the Moon on one side and Saturn with the help of General Antares on the other, backed-up by Warlord Mars and the position of the Galactic Center in the sign of the Archer.  Our Moon has no help exerting much influence by herself, except from Uranus in sextile aspect two doors down in the neighborhood. It looks like reality wins over fantasy.


Our Priestess, Vesta is located at 22 Degrees in the Sign of the Crab in the 9th House conducting our Equinox Part of Fortune at 23 degrees of the same. Vesta represents energies combined of both Virgo and Scorpio. She represents dedication of all kinds, but especially that of subconscious energies and that of sexuality. In other words, the application of the sex force unto the Higher. This creates a very sexually charged atmosphere with the existing Equinox Scorpio ascending as well as Lilith and Juno conjunct. It may be well a good time to explore the depths of one’s own sexual makeup as well as for those so inclined, sexual magick operations. Our blue star Sirius, the “Star of Isis” is also part of this stellium posited at 14 degrees Cancer. Sirius astrologically represents a combination of Mars and Jupiterian influence. As we are looking at the day-side at the time of the Equinox, we see the more beneficial traits adding to the influence of current alignments, that of benevolence and devotion ( here we are again with “ devotion” of the Priestess)  It is wise to remember that wherever the Part of Fortune is located in a chart, this is where we receive help from our invisible Guardians on the invisible planes. Our personal Guardians, Ancestral Spirits, Angels and Daemons definitely have our backs as well as the Priestess of the Stars!


Lilith and Juno are conjunct in the Sign of the Scorpion in the First House at the exact time of the Equinox. Lilith, our Dark Lunar Queen is not one to share. Not at all. She not only rebels, but she kicks up a huge storm in the process. Juno is representative of course of THE Queen being the original Queen of the Gods in Greek mythology and wife of Zeus. She really has no problem sharing with Cosmic sisters, as long as they realize their place, which makes Lilith and issue for her and vice-versa. Juno rules marriages and as can be recalled in Greek mythos, she was always jealous of Zeus’s dalliances. In Scorpio, the tendency towards jealously is exacerbated. With Lilith claiming queen-ship to the darker aspects of the Divine Feminine, including “dark” and even seamy sexuality, this time favors steamy sexual encounters, yet marriages partners not both in tuned to this may encounter issues. It all depends on where a couple’s personal Lilith and Juno are in relation to each other. If they are compatible, this could very well make for wonderful time of sharing each other’s most intimate fantasies and acting them out!


Mars at 26 degrees Sagittarius in the 2nd House conjunct Galactic Center at 27 degrees Trine Uranus and Eris both at 23 degrees in Aries 6th House.  As many do not tend to pay attention to the Galactic Center, here is a quick overview of it’s role in a chart in order to understand how it functions in an Astrological interpretation. The Galactic Center represents a strong point in a chart, more so even at times than the position of the Sun as it is literally our “Sun behind the Sun” or “Invisible Sun”. It is the point whereby a collected energetic force radiates through and is directed, much like a satellite dish. Here is another analogy: It is a concentrated point, much like a black hole whereby all particles around it are drawn in and condensed, or else a laser beam of concentrated particles. The energy directed is influenced or “colored” by the planets it conjuncts. In this case, Mars, the Lesser Malefic. This means fiery Mars energy is significantly amplified. In a harmonious aspect to Uranus however, this indicates conflicts and static energy will be resolved quickly as short bursts of the Mars energy radiates through. Mars is also the Ancient ruler of Scorpio prior to the Outer Planets being discovered, so here again, along with the aspects of the Ascendant, Lilith, Juno and Vesta, we have that influence presenting itself at a time when Venus should be more prominent as the ruler of Libra.


 At the time the Sun enters Libra, Venus is posited all by herself in the 12th House opposing discordant Eris and Uranus in the 6th House in the sign of the Ram. This is definitely not the best placement as the light of Venus is one of sociability and beauty. In the 12th House this tends to be diminished into the world of secrecy, the unseen and self-undoing with both Uranus and Eris shaking things up. When Venus moves out of the 12th house later in the day into Houses 11 and 10, much will be improved, however, the aspects to Uranus and Eris do not change. Let’s hope the surprises are good ones!


Uranus conjunct discordant Eris in the Sign of Aries in 6th House. This is a time of change and upheaval for all types of relationships. A complete paradox for the season of Libra, for Libra IS the sign of partnerships. There may be all sorts of sudden breakups, but also all sorts of sudden new beginnings. Best to take the situation light and play the game or shift focus until more stable influences manifest. Which should not be hard to do given the lack of faerie glamour with our Moon in a defeated energetic position in the 8th House across from Saturn, Antares and the Galactic Center. Protecting our health and work relationships also are very important with Uranus and Eris sitting in the natural House of Virgo.


The two Great Benefics the Sun at 29 degrees Virgo conjunct Jupiter at 2 degrees Libra in the 11th House. This indicates a time of sensual indulgence and desire to expand one’s network, letting the light of our personalities shine in all sorts of mass ways in the natural House of the water bearer ! This pairing of warm, jovial, and expansive influences at least mitigates some of the other conflictual aspects. But be careful, excesses are favored during this period, as well as inflated senses of self-esteem. It is fine to put one’s self “out there”, but we should make sure what our motives are before going ahead with such zeal. So long as they are in a mode of service to the masses and not just a mask to gain attention out of arrogance, we will be fine and the light will shine through us as a beacon for others!


Astroanalysis -Copyright © 2016 Soror Vox888. All rights reserved.

Top image credit – Artist unknown

Chart image credit – Astrodienst

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