The Priestess traversesFemale for blog
Lurid passages of seduction,
Inclusion, convocation,
Of her holy Daemon
Riddled with keys to portals,
Of the mind yet untouched
Adeptly navigated and known,
Else she treads wrongly and be thus drowned…

Startled in bliss by forceful currents is she,
An Unfathomed influx of consummation,
Leaves the Holy Whore in aching throes of orgasmic tantrum,
Rising and falling,
Reeling in her own precious scents,
The Wild One of the Dragon is set free…
Commanding the Elements from the sacred Within…

The fissuring heat of the Priestess,
Draws in her Daemon closer,
Approaching near as she caresses,
Her petalled, limpid folds,
Tracing circles around that center of glorious release,
Yonic power is increased,
As the cool wind riffles her dampened tresses,
Whilst immersing those vestiges of power,

Deep into her the cavern of wanton flesh,
Whereby gestating dreams burst unto Life,
Such as the Mystery of the sacred Flower!

Moaning, rutting,
Whispering, whimpering,
In sweetest agony
Her Daemon’s secret name,
A summoning both sacred and sublime,
Delivering that which is beyond the Veil of Consciousness
Into final Manifestation.
Exultation is complete,
As the chthonic and cosmic blur into utter Oneness.
Assiah and Atziluth are but linked together,
By the Force of the Serpent…

Copyright © 2016 Soror Vox888. All Rights Reserved

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