Magical Sex, Sex Magick & Sexual Alchemy

  “Only the united beat of sex and heart together can create ecstasy.” ~    Anaïs Nin, Delta of Venus There was a time when the veneer of erotic mystery seeped only through the pores of books, leaving enough the imagination. Now we see all kinds of mainstream media featuring sex, de-glamorizing and demystifying what can … Continue reading Magical Sex, Sex Magick & Sexual Alchemy

Annihilation in the Temple of Delight

  Shrill resounding slaps, Against luscious gaps of weeping flesh, You grasp firmly in your bold teeth, Gasping, lurid and desirous for more, Limpid in a fury of rosy petals stained, I draw in your heady scent of myrrh Mingled with salty droplets gained, From Your effort… Oh my Priest of the Sun ! We … Continue reading Annihilation in the Temple of Delight


The Priestess traverses Lurid passages of seduction, Inclusion, convocation, Of her holy Daemon Riddled with keys to portals, Of the mind yet untouched Adeptly navigated and known, Else she treads wrongly and be thus drowned… Startled in bliss by forceful currents is she, An Unfathomed influx of consummation, Leaves the Holy Whore in aching throes … Continue reading CONVOCATION EROTICA