Call to Augoeides

Death Priestess


“Augoeides!” Augoeides! Augoeides!”

I call unto thee,

Uttering not your name aloud,

Treasure sub rosa to the blind,

Deaf of your Mysteries,

Secret and sublime,

There is an unspoken deed

Which binds us together…


Inflated rapture endures within my breast,

The core of my heart,

Weighed against Ma’at’s feather,

As hastening beats of the drums of my heart at your behest,

Throb unto the hereafter.


Lofty effervescent rafters,

A reflection of mind’s eye

Behold gleaming parapets,

Streaming with banners emblazoned with words of Truth,

Gloom which veils my thoughts is defied!

Within teaming corpuscles in my veins ,

Filled with the dram of your venom

From your languid kisses,

Traversing the nape of my neck

…the delicate peaks of my shoulders,

Flashing flames of your eyes…

Infiltrate me,

Covets me,

Piercing through my conscious reserves,

In salacious rapture and in joy

Do mesmerize!


I surrender to your whispers of Wisdom,

Ephemeral, yet husky,

Crackling, fervent hisses…

How I fall into the soil at your sight,

Oh, Cosmic wanderer!

And weep through seeping pools of moonlight

At your clarion voice resounding from the depths and the heights!


You speak rarely in words I hear,

Yet I still perceive them

As You appear.

In all your rapturous splendor,

Angel of Seraphic deluge

Wisdom and Desolation!

How you drive away the profane and refuse

And lead me unto blessed Freedom!


“Ave dilecto meo et draconis!”
“Me tu imples essential”

“Quasi ab ipso lingua loquor”
“Libidinis in longis auidum saturasset meis!”


Oh you who is merged from

The Cosmic Fire of the heavens,

Exalted, Divine, alluring!

And the waters of subterranean pools,

Chthonic, vast, enduring !


I am your servant,

Yet I am also you,

And you are also me,

Unto the very last,

Hieros Gamos complete,

Wrapped in the embrace of Eternity

Do your arms hold me fast!


Copyright © Soror Vox888. All Rights Reserved.

Artwork credit ~ “Death Priestess” by Carlos Quevedo

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