Call to Augoeides

  “Augoeides!” Augoeides! Augoeides!” I call unto thee, Uttering not your name aloud, Treasure sub rosa to the blind, Deaf of your Mysteries, Secret and sublime, There is an unspoken deed Which binds us together…   Inflated rapture endures within my breast, The core of my heart, Weighed against Ma’at’s feather, As hastening beats of … Continue reading Call to Augoeides

Taming of the Way

“Astral-walking”, “path-walking” or “way-taming”, as it is called in some Traditional Witchcraft and Shamanic circles, is the practice or the intended experience, of overlaying of two or more worlds; that of the seen and that of the energetic, unseen with the typical naked eye. The term “way-taming” originates from Northern (Norse) shamanism. It is the … Continue reading Taming of the Way

Heart of the Witch: Working with plant spirits and herbs

With the exception of the Ancestor Worship article I published last year around Samhain ( Halloween), I have been mostly focused on writing articles pertaining to Ceremonial High Magick, Theurgy and Alchemy as well as it’s respective philosophies. I found that in the second decan of the zodiacal sign of Capricorn, when I began writing … Continue reading Heart of the Witch: Working with plant spirits and herbs

Magical Sex, Sex Magick & Sexual Alchemy

  “Only the united beat of sex and heart together can create ecstasy.” ~    Anaïs Nin, Delta of Venus There was a time when the veneer of erotic mystery seeped only through the pores of books, leaving enough the imagination. Now we see all kinds of mainstream media featuring sex, de-glamorizing and demystifying what can … Continue reading Magical Sex, Sex Magick & Sexual Alchemy